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Wreck Cove, NL

Sam Strowbridge - President

Phone/Cell:  709.877.6211

Harbour Authority Address:

General Delivery, Wreck Cove, NL


Contact:Rom Dalton (709.691.7284)



The Wreck Cove Harbour Authority does not have a Supervisor at the harbour.  The Harbour Authority itself can accommodate vessels up to 65 ft. The harbour does accept yachts and pleasure crafts but limited space and welcome former and new vessel owners each year. 


The depth of the water around the wharf is 3 ftm. at normal tides.  The harbour has a fresh water supply and there are accessible hookups, bathroom facilities, and showers but no washer/dryer.  Garbage containers (no recycling containers) are available but no paint cans and no waste oil disposal.  The harbour does have shore power (125 amp) but must have own connectors.  There is presently no WI-FI.  There is also a marine centre close by.

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