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Mission Statement

The Harbour Authority  Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (HAANL)  provides leadership for harbour authorities through representation, outreach and support.  

HAANL has a wide-ranging mission which includes representing the needs of HAs in public and providing harbours with support and benefits. The 200+ local harbour authorities comprise hundreds of volunteers who play a vital role in the management of harbour properties and the continued operation of our many fisheries. The founding board members of HAANL saw a need to develop a strong independent voice for harbour authorities.

  • HAANL would like to raise the profile of HAs and demonstrate their importance in the life of local communities.   

  • HAANL would like to strengthen the network of harbour authorities by supporting their volunteers.

Many governing bodies, departments and agencies who deal with the fishery, recreational boating, land use, water traffic, safety and inspections now approach individual harbours with issues that are the same in other communities.  HAANL aims to identify these province-wide or regional matters and ensure they are brought to the attention of relevant departments, funders and regulators so that improved policies and practices can be implemented at all harbours.

  • HAANL directors are willing to provide a forum for HAs seeking guidance, direction and advice.


  • HAANL will ensure that the many and diverse views of local harbour authorities are heard by other organizations who deal with harbours.


Harbour Authority volunteers need regular access to information on legislation, marine safety, occupational health and safety, property management, leasing, financial oversight and numerous matters of a regulatory nature. Small Craft Harbours (SCH) Division of DFO attempts to meet these training needs and HAANL wishes to support their initiatives.


  • HAANL wants to help SCH ensure that training opportunities are available to fishers and HA staff on an annual basis.

  • HAANL can help to identify local training needs as determined by the individual HAs and promote attendance at training events.

The tangible benefits of membership in the Association, including guidance, support for training and a unified voice on important issues, are a vital part of HAANL’s mission to support its members.


The general areas of the Mission illustrated below represent significant undertakings and will require HAANL to work on sustaining itself with funded resources.

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