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HAANL is your go to association that can and will represent your harbour authority on matters pertaining to the Harbour Authorities of NL. Unlike other associations, HAANL can act on your behalf without first consulting with other parties – i.e. DFO. The tangible benefits of the membership include guidance, support for training and a unified voice on important issues.


Other benefits include:

  • Representation on a provincial and

       national level

  • Training and support

  • Outreach and information

  • Voting rights

  • A right to discounts when available

  • And the newly developed, HAANL website which will offer free advertising to its members, etc.


This association is being recognized on all levels of government and its future holds great promise. The association has strong representation in each of the four HAANL areas of NL. They are available to listen and advise.

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