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Portugal Cove - St. Philips, NL

Paul Howell  - President

Phone/Cell:  709.728.5222

Harbour Authority Address:


1 Wharf road, Portugal cove-St. Philips, NL A1M 3S4




The Portugal Cove - St. Philips Harbour Authority has a Supervisor at the harbour.  Yes the Harbour Authority do take vessels up to 65ft in Portugal Cove harbour, but only fishing and commercial vessels. It does not take pleasure craft of that size . Pleasure crafts are limited to 25ft or less in Portugal Cove. The few that are located in Portugal Cove Harbour are mostly open speedboats and centre console of 24ft and less.


St Philips location - The Harbour Authority do have pleasure craft up to 30ft, but that is the largest it can accommodate in that location too. So the max length is set to 30ft or less. Now the fresh water situation - Our location do not have water in the St. Philips Harbour, but do have it in Portugal Cove Harbour. Only Bathroom is on the St Philips side...At least on the Harbour Authority property. Yes there are bathrooms in Portugal Cove , but they are owned and operated by the Province and transportation; these are for the Ferry users. The Harbour Authority do NOT have bathrooms in Portugal Cove and do NOT have garbage containers in Portugal Cove - the users and fish harvesters remove their own garbage. There are garbage cans and dumpster in St. Philips. Yes, there is a waste oil tank in Portugal Cove and may be used upon request. There is shore power in Portugal Cove and maybe used upon request. Contacting the supervisor can arrange for it's operation.

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